Research Interests

As a part of the Alessi and Konhauser Labs, my research focuses on using batch solubility experiments and calorimetry to provide new constraints on the solubility products of the sulphate and chloride varieties of green rust, synthesized in both freshwater and simulated seawater conditions. Additionally, I am studying how these solubility products vary as a function of the degree of green rust ageing, as green rusts are known to rapidly transform into magnetite with time. Knowing the extent to which green rust is available in the subsurface and its role as a reductant could have major implications for how contaminant transport and risk assessment models are developed. Furthermore, a better characterization of green rust will help us to understand whether it was a key phase in controlling the chemistry of ancient oceans. My experimental research involves anaerobic chamber-based batch solubility experiments and a variety of spectroscopic analyses, as well as calorimetry.

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